Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gary Benson

I am back from the funeral on Friday. The funeral was touching and reminded me greatly of my dad's. There were a lot of the same people there, a sports theme, and the stories of a very good man that touched many lives in a positive way. Gary was a central figure in the athletic development of many of my childhood friends and myself. His personality was always bigger than the room he walked into, and in a good way. He was always supportive and he was never at a loss to offer constructive criticism. I saw him many times when I was between colleges and he ALWAYS asked me what my plans were, as if to say why aren't you in school. I appreciated those conversations greatly. He left behind a wonderful wife, two great sons, a beautiful daugher-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. When the good ones go too early, it always hurts more and this one hurt a lot.

Peace be with you Bensons and Gary.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking a chance....

So today I decided to let a potential business partner know that I would be interested in starting something with him. A scary notion filled with huge risks, but if you want something different in life you have to act differently. It's time.....

Funny story here. I was carrying Edison back to bed on Saturday night and he said,"You're a big fat man" I laid him down in his bed and told him firmly that wasn't very nice and he shouldn't talk like that to anyone. He gave me his pouty lip and teared up a bit. I hugged him and told him I love him and went back to bed. Five minutes later he came back into our room and told me,"You really upset me" I just love how a three year old mind works.

School is progressing nicely and I am waiting for the critique on my proposed outline. I want to start writing but not until it is OKd. It looks like I am going back to Fargo this week for a funeral of a father of an old high school friend. We are at the age now when parents start dying. A scary proposition indeed.

Rest in peace Gary.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


One more session in the books and just four more to go. This session wasn't the best but it was good to see my friends and I did learn some stuff. I went to an alumni sponsored resume workshop today and learned a lot. I also learned that these human resources professionals sounded positive with how I am moving through the interview process.

The Hoenischs took me out to breakfast today to the most incredible place. I may just drive down there tomorrow morning for breakfast. Great food, great portions, and great company.

I have been thinking more about my final project and I am very happy with how things are going. Synthetic operons and metabolic engineering of E.coli to produce isoprene and methyl butenol. Sounds I just have to write it.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disposable Heroes

Last night on the way home I was rocking some Master of Puppets and Disposable Heroes was on. That music is so gutteral and visceral it just sticks with you and evokes the same feelings you felt when you were a confused 16 year old kid. It was awesome.

Work still sucks, no new job yet, and school again tonight. After tonight I will basically be half done with the last semester. My thesis is going ahead of schedule and I should be able to start working on the business strategy in a few weeks. I can't wait to be done.

Starting Sunday I begin strict training for Chequamegon. I need to lose about 50 pounds, increase my strength in the weight room significantly, and put on about 5000 miles this summer. It sounds ambitious, but if I have to stay in this job I might as well have some fun (new job would significantly dimish riding time).



Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have been feeling really stressed about my big project until last night. I have been working on randomly printing out resources as I come across them but I haven't been putting them in order. Last night after the family was asleep I took all 30 papers out of the binder and arranged them in order so I could tell my story. Amazingly I don't think there are many holes to be filled. I took the information and I added it to my outline due this week and I should be set to start writing as soon as I get the next PM busy time assignment done. My project management class is the one class that I am sure I will not learn anything.

When I get home on Saturday the kids will be gone and Lorelei is going out with a girlfriend. Time to play with bikes! I sent off my registration for Chequamegon to a buddy so he can add his registration to the envelope. I would love to get in this year as I always do better with training when I have a tangible goal or reason to train.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Fake Plastic Trees

Back at work today. I realized on the way here that I have been working while at work a lot more lately. I don't know what has gotten into me but I have become hard working, involved, motivated, and productive. If things don't change soon I may become the "model employee" I once was.

I applied for another job today as a Production Manager for a local neutracuetical firm. It would be nice to able to take a five minute bike ride to get to work. The facility is literally one mile from my house. I have been commuting to Marshfield for over 12 years. I have traveled over 250,000 miles back and forth to Marshfield. I woudln't know what to do with myself.

Things are also progressing with the Field Applications job but it will take a while to move my application through. I just found out today I officially did not get a job with Invitrogen.....I applied for that job over nine months ago. Sheesh.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

End of the Weekend

I got one more assignment done today and I learned more about rotavirus vaccine development in developing countries than I ever wanted to. I am almost ready for the next session (3). Four more after that and then I am done. The next six weeks will be spent writing the big projects. I will get started next Sunday and hope to have them done a bit early.

The weekend went too fast as they always seem to do. Maybe someday we will win the lottery and every day could be a Saturday.

nice dream


Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's been a while...

I haven't posted for quite some time. I have been drinking Ketel One gimlets while taking pseudophed for a cold today. Needless to say I may be making typos tonight. I am in my last semester of my MS program, and the end can't come soon enough. I am in the process of moving through the interview process with Roche for a field applications specialist. That job is the position I have been dreaming about for the last ten years. It has gone very well so far, but they probably get hundreds of applications for jobs like that. I am trying to leverage my experience, education, and insider connections to get the job. I have worked it out in my head that if it doesn't work out and I have to stay in my present job I will be OK with long as a better job comes along sooner or later.

I have been trying to work out on a more regular basis and until the cold hit I was. I have a full 310 pound weight set in the basement now and I intend to use all 310 pounds to get back into shape. I actually rode outside last week in 30mph winds and it was great. I am in terrible form but I can only go up. I can't wait for the snow to melt!

I talked to a dear friend today that I haven't connected with for quite some time. It was great to hear from her and Lo and I are planning a trip to see her this summer.

I have two and a half months left this semester. I have been spending about 5 hours per two weeks with homework.....that changes tomorrow. I have about six weeks to get the rough draft of my thesis done and get started on the strategic analysis. I should be able to get it done on time, but I have about 50 pages to get through to complete it.

Anyway things are good and about to be unbelievably greater!