Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a weekend

We had the best weekend ever this last weekend. Friday night I got home and went right to work on the jungle gym. I went from step 22 to step 45! All I had left to do was the swing attachment and the installation of the accessories. Saturday morning we met L's sister for breakfast where I had the greek skillet. Gyro meat, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions on top of hash browns with two over easy eggs on top. I didn't talk to anyone as I was in a breakfast trance. Once I came up for air, I dug into my pancakes. I knew I would be going through a lot of calories so I didn't mind the HUGE breakfast. After b'fast, Jo Jo took the kids for the day and L and I went to Kmart to get some Craftsman tools and then to Mendards to get a couple of accessories for the jungle gym. We got home and went to work. I finished the playset, L got her garden in, and then we got a call that the kids both wanted to come home and play on their new toy. We cleaned up, got an early dinner at Chili's (I know, cliche'd. The spotted cow called me.) We had a great dinner, a couple of beers, and then we went to pick up the kids. They loved the new playset, and giggled for two hours. E loved the telescope and calls himself a pirate every time he uses it. The new sod is already dead at the end of the slide, but I don't mind. Sunday morning I got to work on the gardening. I moved about 12 hostas and installed about 12 bushes, laid 10 bags of mulch and cleaned up. I fertilized the lawn, watered everything, and called it a day!

Monday we had L's family over for memorial day. The kids and I played and L did some cooking. I had a few beers (when the spotted cow hits your lips, it's so good!) The weather was perfect! 77 degrees, windy to keep the mosquitoes down, I wouldn't change a thing! I even got 1:20 in on the bike on the north half of the green circle. There was a land dispute, so one of my favorite parts of the north half is no longer accessible. I will not be going that way any more.

P90X starts tonight. I will be wiped out tonight.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

She is my Rushmore

I had the day "off" yesterday. L and I had a meeting about M and school. She didn't get into the GT program, but she is on the radar and her teachers are going to work extra hard to keep her challenged. I am kind of glad they won't be pulling her out of class next year. She is high strung like her father and that kind of disruption could be emotionally damaging to her. The meeting was short and we were home before 9. Then the real fun comes! I gathered my tools, set out all of the package inserts, and started to build the playset for the kids. L and E came out to help, and E was a great big help. I was hoping to get it at least 80% complete yesterday, but I am on step 18 out of 50 on the instructions. Tonight I will build the climbing wall and the roof, and maybe tomorrow night get the swing up and the slide attached. Hopefully Friday I can finish it and then Saturday, I can't wait. Mary Jo is taking the kids after we all meet up for breakfast. By then, the playset will be complete, the garden will be in, and we will have few commitments. I feel a bike ride coming! Probably Green Circle and all of the associated single track, probably on the geared bike as I am incredibly sore from all of this building. The project has become my core workout.

I am preparing to start the Power90X on Monday, and then hopefully 90 days later I will have success.



Sunday, May 18, 2008


I got my grades today. MTII A BioOps AB. When I first saw these I was crushed. All of the stress, pain, anxiety of the semester came back in ONE BIG HIT! I was miserable. I wanted to crawl in a hole and feel sorry for myself. Then M came to me and wanted some cereal, and E was right behind her. Slowly I became aware of my self loathing and doubt and realize that I am a good father, and that that AB in BioOps doesn't matter. I realize that I am working full time, spending two hours a day in the car, remaining plugged in to my beautiful family and I don't care about the A either. I am going back to school to provide a better life for my family. My priorities really became clear to me as I was actually having a conversation with E while he was trying to go potty in his fancy potty chair. Then I realize I am getting better grades than I ever have in my entire life and this last semseter I spent time with the family and wasn't a stranger to my wife and kids. My priorities are correct. I love that I got an AB in BioOps, and I wouldn't change it for anything!



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magnum PI?

I haven't posted lately because I have been enjoying not being in school. I have been immersed into the family and the work around the house and it feels like a vacation. I have been using some of my free time at home looking for job leads as I have less than one year from graduating.

M has asked me to grow a moustache, and I would do just about anything for her, so I am (along with a goatee). It looks ridiculous, but I am only aiming to please my daughter.

A couple of rides in, a lot of heavy breathing, and a pound or two gone.

Big changes ahead.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still not that fast

The stage was set. I am done with school for the summer. The wind was out of the southwest at around 10mph. Not a cloud in the sky. Seventy five degrees, and time to unwind. I had my first road ride of the year today. I know, it's late, but I have been busy. I was worried that it would take three hours to do my west of Marshfield 20 mile loop. I got it done in one hour and 15 minutes. Not bad. My legs were mushy after, and my bike/human interface could use some work, but it felt pretty good. I have absolutely no endurance, but I was able to keep a 30mph pace with a minimal headwind on a flat road. It is a place to start. I will ride as much as the work around the house allows for the next couple of weeks. Next week I start chugging SlimFast! YUMMY! They aren't that bad actually. The only thing that sucks is that I am going out on rides with the INTENTION of bonking. The difference between me and other angry bitter little men is that I have several extra pounds of energy stored. That doesn't make it feel any better. I will keep track of my rides and activity with the blog, so the entries will be short, sweet, and to the point.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I got an A for my individual presentation in BioOps. It was a far cry better than my freeze up last semester. I got comments like comfortable and at ease, good voice, good contact with audience, and informative and credible manufacturing plan. Depending on where the cutoff is for AB and A, I might go 4.0 this semester. Grades come out next week.



Saturday, May 3, 2008


I'm done with my first year of graduate school. One year left. Then someone will show me the money.

That's all.