Saturday, September 13, 2008


The last nine days have been busy. School was great. It was really good to get back to learning and my friends. All of the lectures were really good except for one on proteomics from a lecturer that had a really thick accent. The rest of last weekend was really good, too good to write about. The last week at work wasn't the best, but I will have the last say. I was told that I wasn't "the prettiest one" around PG and I probably wasn't the best representative for us at trade shows. I can't think of anything more ridiculous. Most of our clients are women, and it dumbs down our clients to think that only a certain kind of individual could represent us well. Our clients want correct answers, good knowledge, and a friendly delivery, not some hot piece of ass. Homework started in earnest last week as I have been researching a paper on TNF alpha and rheumatoid arthritis. It should be a good paper, as long as I remember how to get started. I have the ideas in my head, but can't get started. I will be glad to be done with this program! Today we have spent time together as a family. Maddy, Eds, and I made a carrot cake, we all hung out in our bed for the first hour of the day....its been great!

Have a good week.



Thursday, September 4, 2008

One last night of freedom

Bonfire, playing outside, eating outside, bonfire, no mosquitoes. It was nice. We spent one last night of freedom last night outside. The temps went from 90's to 60's in one day and we made the best of it. Autumn is a favorite season in the Dokken house. We started a fire in the fire pit, picked up sticks around the yard, threw a couple of burgers on the was great. There really is something innately wonderful about having a fire going. Anyway, tonight it all starts again, and I am looking forward to it. Let's get this crap over with and get on with it.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kool Aid anyone?

The Republican hate machine is at it! I believe in a free market economy. I believe in small government. I believe that only I can change my station in life. However, if this is what the Republican party delivers I will NEVER be a Republican. Fear, hate, subtle racism. This is all I see. Giuliani's speech is hard to watch, but it reinforces my decision to vote for Obama. These people in the audience look like they like Kool Aid, and they drink a lot of it. I hope that Americans can see through this, but I doubt it. I think Americans are stupid, stupid enough to vote a bozo into office for eight years and I fear stupid enough to vote for McCain/Palin. Obama doesn't come without faults. I believe in nuclear power, he doesn't.

The thing that bothers me the most is that Republicans think that people like me don't love America. I love America just as much as they do, and damn them for thinking otherwise. This is MY country too!



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Same as it ever was...

It starts again this week. Some initial analysis into the workload indicates that the semester will be challenging, yet acceptable. Fifteen assignments in all, one of them done, several to be completed in class, and no huge individual efforts. Largest paper is 3000 words.

Maddy had a hard time last night with nerves about her first day in the first grade. This morning went better for her, but Edison was crying and he wanted to go to school. Soon enough little man, soon enough.

Saturday was a not do much day, Sunday was a do everything day, and Monday was organize and get ready for our world to be turned upside down again. I am trying really hard to be as efficient as possible with my homework and not take myself away from the family.

I did get one ride in yesterday and I just felt dead. I am still too sick to put out any real effort. My legs were pushing without much help from the cardio part. At least they got a really good workout. Riding will fade to weekends only now as gym work takes its place.