Monday, January 11, 2010


It's my birthday tomorrow, and all I can think of is 1987. Is there something in our biology that makes us look backwards instead of forwards as we grow older? My life is fulfilled with the most wonderful family possible, a great career, and my relatively good health. That being said, all I can think of is my senior year in high school. What fun that was!

Rather than being full of sentimental BS about my life, I'll wax poetic about something else. Why can't Tim Gunn be my friend? He seems like such a nice man. Lorelei's friend Crescent had the funniest dream about him. She dreamt that they would grow old together and he would hold her hand and it would be resplendent. Funny stuff.

Life's too short to think about deep stuff. Live in the moment, enjoy what you have, and when you have the opportunity, drive with your windows rolled down while listening to outlaw country music.

Happy Birthday Me!



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