Thursday, November 12, 2009

Change I Believed in

So I'm sitting here in Atlanta waiting for my exhibit to open. To kill the time I am watching a documentary on how Barrack Obama's campaing worked to get him elected. I remeber watching him during the race and getting really inspired. Inspired to see our country get better, inspired to see a President work hard for everyone, inspired to not have our country work unilaterally in the global political process. I voted for him because of how he made me feel.

A little more than one year from the day he elected I am concerned. The energy that surrounded him wherever he went is gone. The politics of divisiveness and selfishness are back.

I hope we as a country can find this energy again. We've navigated through the toughest economic setback in the last 70 years. In order to sustain this progress we must find the energy that sustained Barrack Obama's campaign. Energy that his agenda could not sustain.

I'm just sayin.



Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's been a while, but I've been busy. The weight loss continues, albeit at a slower pace. I now hover at around 260, and still am losing about a half pound per week. This makes me think I can sustain this when I am done. I just eat less than I used to, and I exercise more than I am used to. It may sound like a "duh" moment. I went old school and it works. I weigh myself every morning and every night, take a mental inventory of what I ate that day to make me heavier or lighter, and I try to adjust intake for the next day. I want to get under 250 by the end of the year and I should be able to get there without much effort.

I have been very busy lately. I was in Honolulu for business two weeks ago, I'm off to Atlanta next week, and maybe Albequerque in the spring. The job has been very busy but exciting. I am getting experience developing a marketing plan, creating marketing deliverables, working tradeshow booths, and I am about to start planning for a new building. Good stuff!