Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two left

We finished our 26th session in school. Two more left and I will have my masters degree and my life back. I have put so much on hold that I won't crawl out of my hole for months. I should complete the rough draft of my main technology paper tomorrow and I hope to have the large business project completed by Easter. At that point I will have some mop up stuff done and I could get done early!

It was a great day today. We put up four new curtain rods and hung some new drapes, caught up with each other after being gone for a while, and made some plans for after school. When bubba went down for a nap Maddy and I went outside. She played, I cut down trees. Seven of them to be exact. I love my chainsaw.

Tomorrow I go to the library after changing the faucet in the bathroom.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything is on target

School is less than two months from being done! I can't wait to have that burden gone. The big technical project is coming along nicely and I hope to have the rough draft done by Sunday night. Forty six days and I will be done with all of my obligations and everything will be handed in. I am pushing for an early completion so wish me luck!

I went out riding today at lunch and didn't even have to put tights or pants on, just shorts and a long sleeve mtn bike jersey. It was awesome, slow, windy, tiring, and wonderful. I am in the worst shape ever but I am working on it. I have lost five pounds this week and hope to continue losing five pounds per week. I could use some tennis when down in Madison. Maybe the courts have the nets up and Andy would be up for a couple hours of tennis after class before I come home? Maybe he reads this blog and could respond? Maybe?

Work is going well, as long as I accept that my boss doesn't know what he is doing. He asks me to do stuff all of the time that just isn't right, so I nod like I am going to do the insane task and then blow it off.

GO BISON!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was supposed to get started writing my last big school project on Sunday....that didn't work. I was supposed to start writing last night.....took my shock off the fisher and started rebuilding it. I am supposed to start writing tonight....NDSU is playing a basketball game on ESPN2 to get into the big dance for the first time.....that won't work. I am supposed to bring Maddy to CCD tomorrow night.....that won't work. I am finding lots of reasons to delay the start of my project. I can still get it done in a couple weeks and maybe that is the problem. If I was slower at writing I would be freaking out, but I can crank if I have to. I just keep telling myself that in one way or another this will all be done in seven weeks. Seven weeks until I don't have to go to school ever again. I will miss my friends, but I will not miss the burden of school.