Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wore a killer suit with a killer tie to work today. I have one short sales meeting this afternoon, followed by a killer Halloween concert Maddy doesn't know I am attending. The reason for wearing the suit is threefold. First, I have a sales call and I want to represent our company well. Second, I want my boss to think that I am capable of leaving and working for a better firm (wouldn't take much). Third, I want Maddy to see me at the concert and be proud that I am her father. I was very proud of my father. He worked hard and had the light blue shirt with the dark blue pants to prove it. He would often come to my practices with his blues on and hang with me and my friends. It may be shallow and all, but I want my kid's memories of me to include daddy coming to my first grade Halloween concert and he was the best dressed person there. I am going to graduate school primarily to provide a much better life for my wife and children than I had. It wouldn't take much, and for the most part I already do. But in my opinion, if you aren't aiming higher you are just sinking!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Procrastinators, Haters, and Dingbats

I was procrastinating with my business case study until yesterday. I banged out 1000 words at work, and then got home and looked at it and it wasn't right. So last night I reworked it and it looks better. I will let it sit until the end of work today and then take one last look, check spelling and grammar, and then send it out. At this point I don't care anymore. The worst I could do in that class is a B and it looks like I am getting A's in my other two classes....not that grades matter in graduate school.

Why do people have to give me crap when I come to work in a tie and sweater? I know I used to be the king of subversive/funny t-shirts and jeans, but why do people have to hate?

My boss is back today, and that is the motivation I was looking for. Don't tell him this, but I do work harder when he is here and I don't work at all when he is gone. It really sucks the next time he will be gone I will be in class. Oh well.

Tonight I am going to get started on my second project for Early Drug Development and hopefully be done with my half of the presentation (except for the practice) by Sunday night. I told Lorelei that I will be going to the library all day on Saturdays and one night per week from here on out.....only a little over five weeks left! I can't wait!



Monday, October 27, 2008

I tried

I always do this. At school I write these really aggressive homework and exercise schedule and then I don't get them done. I was at the library yesterday for over three hours but I didn't get much written. I have to get geared up for the last part of the semester. I have two case studies, one 3000 word paper, two presentations, one discussion board posting, and one group project left to do. That is a lot to do in six weeks, so I suppose I won't be seeing much of the family in the next few weeks. Short term sacrifice, long term gains I guess. That doesn't make me miss them less. More time spent at the library should make this stuff go faster.

The weekend was great. Lorelei and I attacked the housework like we used to before I went back to school yesterday. I some sick twisted way it was fun. I got a new tie to go with the navy suit I got last week for business meetings. I need to find a good tailor as I have three suits that need alterations. It can be expensive doing sales.

One last note. I applied for a technical sales job yesterday selling molecular diagnostic assays for a large, well established firm. The base is what I am making now plus bonuses and commissions doubling that. We could have a lot more choices in life with that kind of coin. I would miss the hell out of the family, but the opportunities that come with a job like that would be worth it for a few years. I could gain experience in the field, and then leverage that into pharma sales that were more local and would still allow me to work from my home.

Wish me luck!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday! Finally!

Yesterday was a great day. The boss was gone, we actually had 10 people show up for noon basketball, and happy hour was a lot of fun. I could feel the stress fall away from my week as the beers went down. I have some homework to do this weekend, but nothing that I am stressing too much about. A case study should be doable tomorrow as we get our first taste of winter like windchills.

I realized there are only six weeks until the end of the semester today. I have three presentations, two papers, and two case studies left to hand in. Lorelei and I keep talking about what life will be like when I am done with all of this foolishness. I sure hope it pays off in our own balance sheet!

BTW...BADGERS WIN, BADGERS WIN. Maybe this will stop the haters from calling for coach's head.



Thursday, October 23, 2008

I can't take much more of this

So I was talking to a sales rep from a VERY LARGE genetic testing company. In the conversation I found out she was going to be in town next week. I told her she should stop by and we could meet, maybe I could learn stuff from her. In the course of the conversation I asked her if she would be interested in setting up a contract where we could be the reference lab for her organization. The firm she represents is a multi billion dollar firm. She would be very interested in a collaboration and her regional business manager is going to be with her at this meeting. I have everything set up for Tuesday morning next week. I was so excited. I told my boss about it and he SHIT ALL OVER IT! He is afraid of success and growth because then he will not be able to control everything. FUCK HIM! I am going to negotiate a contract that meets our goals and theirs, and then when I show it to him and he balks I can say we are not growing because of him, not me.

He also told me to look into becoming a WI Medical Assistance provider. He said it would be difficult as it is run from Washington DC. I shouldn't have to explain to my boss that WI MA is a federally mandated state run organization.

I really need a new job.



Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Work has me down lately. Every time I get an idea and get moving with it I get hammered down by the boss. I even had to tell him yesterday that Medicare is a federally mandated state run agency. He tells me that I am wrong and he doesn't even know how the business works. I am tired of this, and I am afraid I will not last here until next May when I graduate. I am spending my free time after 10 pm looking for new employment. This all couldn't happen at a worse time as no one is hiring. I have about 15 applications out but no word back yet.

School is going OK. I can't wait to get done with this sucks and then just one more with 2.5 classes, a thesis, and then a big party! I can't wait to have some bubbly and kick back....and worry about paying back the loans.

I need to find a way to burn off the stress better. I went to play hoops by myself yesterday for about 45 minutes and then practiced my tennis serves for 15 minutes. Andy better watch out next Friday on our last night of tennis after a long day of class.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I could get to like this.

It's official. I am officially in sales. I had an appointment yesterday and one today and I must say, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to do it some more. It helps that I created most of what I am selling, and there is a need for niche DNA testing. I enjoy meeting new people, getting them excited about our services, working from home, and thinking about new possibilities both personal and with my present employer. I am now in Madison with a couple of hours of down time.

We got some assignments back yesterday. I got a 99% on my Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha paper and a 13% on another assignment for business class. WTF. All of my numbers were correct, there were no concrete formats given to us, simply write a cash budget, how much is left at the end, and when is the money coming in and leaving. I redid it to perfection and resubmitted it, and I hope the instructor chokes on it. If you want the assignment done in particular format, then STATE it.

I am off to clean the inside of my car out from the soda bottles before class.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I could really get used to this....I have an appointment in Green Bay today. I woke up at 7:30 this morning, had breakfast with the kids, took Maddy to the bus stop, and did a little prep for my appointment. All of this for a 30 minute meeting and I don't have to take any vacation. Andy Noel was right, sales ROCKS. I was up late last night looking for sales jobs and there are a few available in the area, but not that many. I have applied for three sales jobs in the area, so send good wishes my way. I have to cut up an apple for Eds now.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am getting ready for my first sales appointment tomorrow. I think I have everything ready. It is really, really hard to sell this stuff and I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but usually when I try stuff I jump into the deep end.

Last night I had an hour on the 29er SS and it was great. I haven't ridden for more than two weeks and it was really great. I love riding at this time of the year as the leaves are down and you get better visibility on the single track....although you cannot see the trail anymore. I will try to get a ride in tonight...batteries are charging as we speak. I love night rides when it gets colder.



Monday, October 13, 2008

I forgot my password

No posts for a while. I forgot my password. I have been facebooking too much, working too much, ignoring school, and planning my next move. Things have been well. I am losing weight without much effort by just watching what I eat...what a concept. I am going to try to throw in some more exercise including tennis while I still can, basketball, biking, and weights. I had another afib episode and this one landed me in the ICU for conversion. I do not want to go back there so I am going to TRY to lose a total of 69 pounds. I have 12 done already so 57 left to go.